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A limited NFT collection and entry pass for an exclusive urban Metaverse block where a bunch of Cupids found asylum. We are just getting started – join us! We are hoping to find friends.

  • 10,000 unique NFTs
  • Made from around 200 attributes
  • Entry ticket to the Cupid Asylum

Why Cupid Asylum NFT?

Because we believe that Web 3 and NFTs are the first step to a completely new approach of a democratized society. It starts with things like BAYC painting a picture in the toilet, moving on with SketchyApeBC and creating a whole book, and many more. In the future we will be building houses that way. Maybe asylums.

Why Only 0.01 ETH?

Because we want to ensure the lowest possible risk and biggest opportunity for you while also offering a really cool NFT! 0.01 ETH will be fully enough to kick this off and execute on our Roadmap. And it will give many people the no-regret opportunity to join early on and organically grow a community.

Join us, let’s create this community together and LFG with the Cupid Asylum and your Urban Cupids – they are pretty cool!

Now, check out our VIDEO:

Let’s write the story

Remember how people used to go out in bars and clubs, meet privately, or causally on the streets. Lots of human interaction meant a prospering time for Cupid and his gang.

Well. Global developments happened and made people stay in their homes. The streets became empty, almost – apes and cats in funky costumes began to conquer the neighborhoods, precedented by an army of digital punks. Cupid’s work was not needed anymore, so it seemed.

Cupids found asylum in the Metaverse where they occupied a chain of blocks, still looking at apes, cats and punks in funky costumes. The rest of the story is to be written – or already known. Take a peek at our Roadmap below.

Now, what’s that NFT

The journey starts with Cupids, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. This NFT will be also an entry ticket to the exclusive Cupid Asylum which Cupid holders will be able to co-desing. We stick to our Roadmap and play everything else by ear depending on community interaction.

Beyond that – how about a personal angel? 🙂

0.01 ETH

Keen to build a community with you.

The specs

Each Cupid is unique and generated from around 200 possible attributes from head to toe, such as expression, clothing, shoes, equipment and more. Attributes differ in rarity, but all Cupids are pretty cool.

The Cupids are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain with the contract address 0x41b5DF8Acf38Bf014a9C702e9371a6d7f379c90c, and hosted on IPFS.

There are 10,000 Cupids, 9,500+ are available for initial sale at a purchasing price of 0.01 ETH. The rest will be reserved for project needs (e.g. marketing, airdrops) or go on auction.

What’s after the purchase?

We are designing the rooms behind the first four visible windows so that Cupid holders will be able to access them, interact, and leave their footprint. 

Share your ideas

Tell us what your ideas are for these rooms, and let’s get on with it! Use our Discord or Twitter channel – the buttons in the header of this site will point you there.





The Roadmap (Dez 2021)

10% 10,000 unique Cupids created

20% Smart Contract is live on Ethereum

30% We are done with experimenting

40% Sale open at 0.01 ETH

50% We are pimping our Discord Channel for the community

60% SOLD OUT – now we are getting started!!!

70% Community poll on Cupid Asylum rooms completed

80% First room completed, access granted (this will be fun!)

90% First floor (four rooms) completed and accessible for members.

100% We are throwing a party in the Asylum (live or virtual or both?) and designing the next 100% with the community!




Co-Founder. Baddest angel around, it was all his idea. You know him when you know him.



Co-Founder. Creative head, and takes care of the clan. Loves Crypto. Avoid her when she’s hungry.



Has the longest hair around. Can create anything with any color as long as it is pink.



Knows it all. Said enough.



No mess that he wouldn’t master. Works 25/8.